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Topic: Firefox add-ons I use!

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Firefox add-ons I use!

Unread postby Konomi » Feb 23rd, '15, 13:56

Basically a short list of what add ons I use with Firefox! If you get bored maybe tell us what you use.

AdBlock Edge - Blocks ads yay.

Browsizer - Conviently set and remember firefox window size.

Classic Theme Restorer - Cause Austrils or whatever they call it is eye bleed.

Cookie Time 4 - Periodically deletes any cookies that don't regularly get used.

Flashblock - It blocks flash.

FlashGot - It gets flash (feels like irony considering the previous add on).

Greasemonkey - Script all the things.

HTTPS Everywhere - SSL all the things.

NoScript - I may or may not run your awful javascript.

Session Manager - Basically saves all your tabs to a much better extent than firefox itself.

Stylish - Override all the CSS.

WOT (Web of Trust) - Rates websites via user scores. No longer recommended.
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