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Mission statement

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Who or what is

We are not a corporation, a company, or anything of the sort. We are simply a group of like-minded individuals who have banded together over the years to develop software, music and other content, often without any kind of pay (sans ad revenue) and for non-profit purposes, primarily Open Source and emphasizing freedom of expression and rights. Our goals vary from day to day, the members of the group come and they go, and we move forward, adapting as needed.

Over time, our roles and outlook have solidified, yet we try to remain flexible. The doorway to a future for this cohesive effort has begun to open up, and we intend to grasp it.

We have only several over-arching goals:
  1. Inspire acceptance. By creating understanding between people, we can work together more easily.
  2. Inspire freedom. People are taught from childhood to share; that sharing is kindness. Yet as adults, we are also taught that sharing is evil and wrong. We seek to right that wrong.
  3. Inspire expression. We only use censorship when it is absolutely necessary. People should have the right to chose whether something is good or bad for them, not have it decided by someone else. Censorship undermines the very purpose of art, which is to express ourselves.
  4. Make things better. Why deconstruct established models when we can improve them? Even more, this concept also applies as a general discipline in everything that we do.

These may sound like fairly simple goals, but we find that these are values that many people are slowly moving away from, which makes following them more difficult than one would expect. We are oldschoolers trying to survive in an ever-changing world that is leaving us behind.

If we do not rise to meet this challenge, the way we do things will be forgotten.

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