Keep on cleanin'

Keep on cleanin'

First, a few notes! The site is in a bit of flux as Kaede makes changes here and there, so expect a few oddities! They'll pay off we swear it...

Anyway I may have in the past blogged about my effort to clean up a lot of my data sitting on my machine. I just wanted to say... I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel! And it's been a boat load of effort, but I feel it's been worth it. So my advice to people if they take on this endeavor is, don't give up! Also, make sure you keep clean what you keep downloading to your computer or writing for that matter so you don't add to the problem you're trying to fix. Also, make sure you set standards for yourself, directory layout, naming and file choices. I think that's it for this late night rant!

Mata ne!

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