KDE multiple screen issues

KDE multiple screen issues

It's been a long time since I've posted anything here. We've been busy - and perhaps I've been playing a bit too much Guild Wars 2. ;)

Recently I added a third screen to my system, and this only made the existing multi-screen issues I had with KDE even worse. Finally, I decided to do something about it, hunting down each issue one by one and fixing it. This post is just to serve as a guide to fixing these problems.

Fonts with inconsistent sizing between applications or startups
System Settings -> Application Apperance -> Fonts
Check "Force fonts DPI" and enter "96"
Log out of KDE and restart X

Mouse cursor size changing between applications
System Settings -> Workspace Apperance -> Cursor Theme
Under "Size", select either "24" or "48"
Log out of KDE and restart X

Windows opening on random screens or in random positions
System Settings -> Window Behavior -> Window Behavior
On Focus tab, check "Separate screen focus" and "Active screen follows mouse"
On Advanced tab, change "Placement" to "Under Mouse"

Full-screen games opening on the wrong monitor
System Settings -> Window Behavior -> Window Rules
Click "New", then "Detect Window Properties" and click the relevant window
Under "Size & Position" tab, check "Screen", and select "Force" and enter the number of the screen that you want it to use.

Mouse trapped in full-screen games, even with ALT+TAB
Use the "Fullscreen Window" mode of the game, instead of "Fullscreen".

Windows appear underneath the panel
This is a problem with KWin (bug report) that remains unfixed. It occurs whenever a panel is on a screen edge that is shared with another screen.


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