Gunnerkrigg Court

Gunnerkrigg Court

I'm not usually the type of person to plug something. I tend to let everything just go its own way without interfering, if that makes sense at all. Because of that, I'm usually at the sidelines just watching things happen. But lately I've begun to realize that if I'm passionate about something it might do others some good to fill them in on it as well. Because if I enjoy it, someone else might too.

Gunnerkrigg Court is perhaps the most amazing webcomic I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Over the past ten years, I have read more webcomics than I can shake a stick at, from start to finish, and they have always had varying qualities. I find that more often than not, they have ongoing quality issues (however minor) that never get fixed, or at some point they just completely jump the shark. And while I enjoy beautiful comics like TwoKinds immensely even to this day after a decade of reading, I've never quite come across anything like GC.

The beauty of this comic is that it tries to always portray things in the correct way even in its neo-gothic setting. The environments, the characters, everything always has this creepy tone to it, this weirdness that cannot be explained. Yet despite this, the author does not give into it and let it control the entire premise of the comic. He still tries to write a bright, hopeful and inspiring comic with those elements, instead of just taking the usual way out that most authors do and automatically portraying anything creepy, weird, or otherwise misunderstood as "evil" or "bad". He also tries to portray his characters more realistically, without making them demented.

Modern entertainment tries too hard to create dark and edgey characters to show how Humans "really are", and ends up doing little more than polluting peoples' perception of others with the garbage. Real people have flaws, they feel bad, they get jealous or suspicious, they get angry, they want to get back at some one who hurt them, they act like air heads and neglect someone close to them. They are many things, but they are not bad people, and most of the time they are nice to be around. I feel like this is how characters should also be portrayed, with a little bit of a glimpse into their occasional "other sides" without diving unrealistically deep into their psyche.

You have to know where to draw the line, right?

Oh, and there's also the fact that one of the tropes that it has listed on TVTropes is "scenery porn". And for good reason. So just read it already. :P

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