Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning

I've been spending the last few days doing some spring cleaning, as I have a tendency to let things build up for far too long. By the time I finally get around to it, its always a much larger hassle than I had anticipated. Of course, this being a major personality quirk of mine, I'm not sure whether its supposed to be endearing or embarassing.

When I was a child, and growing up, I always thought that the dryer ate my socks. I think this is a pretty common theory; although everyone knows that it isn't actually true, we still like to pretend that it is, simply because the truth is undeniable: Socks go into the dryer, they don't come out. But now I'm starting to think it is actually the other way around. Over time I find myself with more and more socks in my drawer, so much that I can barely fit them all in a single drawer anymore, and I only buy socks about once a year. So what is really happening? Clearly the dryer isn't eating socks, its creating more.

When you have multiple pets, and long hair, dust tends to build up faster than you can get rid of it. Although its probably not accurate to call it dust, more like piles of fur and hair with some glue to hold it all together. And to be honest, I don't want to know what that "glue" is made of. I think I'm just going to deal with the noise of running my HEPA filter on the highest setting from now on, rather than spending several days just removing dust from my environment. And since I maintain about a half dozen computers here, I learned a long time ago to add dust filters to all of them. (Note: The cheapest way to do that is to tape used dryer fabric softener sheets to the inside of the vents.)

Organization never seems to work. Everyone tries to organize, in theory. Some of us even have all the little containers labeled. Me, I use old cardboard boxes, with smaller ones placed in drawers, and larger ones placed on shelves or in closets. Someone with more money would probably use plastic containers instead, but for me this seems to do the job. But no matter how much you try to organize, it doesn't work. At some point I learned that the best way to keep things where you can find them is to have only two bins: Important stuff and junk. That way you always know where to find something important.

I removed my pillowcases today to find that they were covered in a lot of those circular stains that comes from something getting wet. These were originally brand new pillows when I put them in the pillowcases. I never realized that I drooled so much in my sleep, so it was certainly a surprise. Again, I'm not sure if that is supposed to be endearing or embarassing.

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