Indroducton post ike!

Indroducton post ike!

Hi, I'm Konomi your co-captain for this flight! (Kaede being the lovely captain! <3) My posts are mostly going to centre around Linux related subjects and pondering' of various other things. I won't go into personal details, because I think one of the best things about the Internet is how much of a leveling field it is on differences. Having someone get to know you without the baggage of knowing how you look, how old you are etc allows for a meaningful connection that you just can't have otherwise (and less judgments!).

So for my first subject! The phrase "Think outside the box". A lot of people misuse this phrase, I think you should be very careful using it and understand that there are always boundaries in life. You can't expect people to breach every barrier otherwise reality would be a very odd place to live in. I prefer to say something along the lines of "Try to think of something you haven't thought of before", this leaves people able to breach the boundaries that are possible and not somehow imply they need to breach boundaries that are impossible. (for now perhaps!)

Mata ne!

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